Saturday, April 25, 2015

024 Total Socialism is the only solution for farmer suicides in India.

Recently a centrist party in India, Aam Admi Party (English: Party of the Commonman), organised a rally in Delhi, to protest against Land Acquisition bill moved by the NDA Govt.

During the rally one farmer by name Gajendra Singh Kalyanawat, from Dausa village, Rajasthan State, climbed to a tree branch and commited suicide by hanging himself.  Ignoring the incident, the AAP leaders went ahead with their speeches against the Govt.

Police say that AAP volunteers prevented them from climbing the tree and saving the farmer.   AAP leaders claim that Delhi Police were against their party, and that they did not make any attempt to save the farmer.

A political blame game is going on.

ybrao-a-donkey's humble view:

Indian agriculture cannot financially support both the absentee landlords who take away all the benefits and loans the Government extends apart from the rent on the land, and the unwritten tenant farmers who have to bear all the risks inherent in Indian agriculture.

Question: Why are you using the word Total Socialism instead of Marxism, or Communism?

The words Marxism and Communism have been so much misused in the world both past and current, that the words started meaning only dictatorships or one party rule.

Question: Then why don't you use the word Socialism, and insist on Total Socialism?

The word socialism has become hackneyed and a jargon all over the world.  For example, according to Indian Constitution , India is a Sovereign Democratic Secular Socialist Republic.   Where is socialism in India today?

Question: How does the total socialism save farmers from committing 


Total socialism involves nationalisation of both land and the agricultural production.  Entire risk is to be borne by the State.  Both inputs and outputs belong to the State.  Farmers will get all their personal and their family needs from the State.

(To continue.  Subject to revision)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

023 Does CPIM have inner party democracy? क्या सीपीऐ ऎम् में आंतरिक लोकतंत्र है ? సీపీఎమ్ లో ఆంతరంగిక ప్రజాస్వామ్యం ఉన్నదా ?

Question: Does CPIM have inner party democracy?  क्या सीपीऐ ऎम् में आंतरिक लोकतंत्र है ? సీపీఎమ్ లో ఆంతరంగిక ప్రజాస్వామ్యం ఉన్నదా ?

Reply, जवाब, జవాబు :   IN POST No. 022 here, I have given a link to the interview given by Mr. Sitaram Yechury to  The last question in the interview, and the answer given by Mr. Sitaram Yechury, are quoted below:-

Are we speaking to the next general secretary of the CPI(M)?

None of us now, I believe, are competent also to say anything on it because our party has a very vibrant inner party democracy. The Party Congress — our highest decision-making body — elects the new Central Committee. That new Central Committee elects the new general secretary and the Polit Bureau. I am in the old Central Committee. I am completely out of my jurisdiction to say anything.

ybrao-a-donkey's  view वैबीराव गधे के विनम्र राय వైబీరావు గాడిద వినమ్ర వ్యాఖ్య
This view of Mr. Yechury is like a person appreciating his own perceived beauty.  Truth may be a thousand kilometers far away.   When a person's name is proposed for a particular post, by the powers-that-be, in Indian political parties, nobody will dare to oppose them.  If anybody dares, they will be necked out.  Speeches by powers-that-be are not opposed.  Nobody wants to expose themselves by their outspokenness.  Hence, most internal elections in Indian political parties end up to be unanimous affairs.  Proposers' names and seconders' names are predecided by the High Command, dynastic or otherwise. 

If Mr. Sitaram Yechury really wants his party to install a more effective and efficient inner democracy, he should strive for introduction of the system of secret ballot not only for elections, but also for all key decisions.  Then truth will come out.  The electorate and the Constituency should consist the largest possible number.  To ensure this, postal or e-ballots through internet or mobiles, may have to be introduced.  Everybody cannot personally attend the Party Congress.

(To continue).

022 Writing to President of India may be as good as breaking one's own head against the Red Fort Wall

022 राष्ट्रपतीजी को खत लिखना और दिल्ली लाल किले के दिवार को शिर टकराना दोनों में समान सफलता होता है।
022 రాష్ట్రపతీజీ కి లేఖ వ్రాసినా, ఢిల్లీ లో ఎఱ్ఱ కోట గోడకు నెత్తి బాదుకున్న సఫలత సమానంగానే ఉంటుంది.

Shri Sitaram Yechury is Rajya Sabha Member, representing CPIM.  He is also that Party's Polit Bureau member.  President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is from Bengal.  CPIM has great experience of nearly four decades in Bengal.  As a top leader of CPIM, Mr. Sitaram Yechury may already know our Rashtrapatiji.

Mr. Yechury is said to have written to President of India requesting him, not to sign ordinances bypassing Parliamentary Procedures.  The context and reference is to the Land Acquisition Ordinance which is being sent to the President for a second tenure, as ruling NDA could not get the Bill cleared in Rajya Sabha.

ybrao-a-donkey's view वैबी राव गधे के राय.  వైబీరావ్ గాడిద అభిప్రాయం.

There will be no difference between writing a letter to the President of India, and breaking one's own head, striking it against the wall of the red fort in Delhi.  राष्ट्रपतीजी को खत लिखना और दिल्ली लाल किले के दिवार को शिर टकराना दोनों एक ही फल देते हैं।  రాష్ట్రపతీజీ కి లేఖ వ్రాసినా, ఢిల్లీ లో ఎఱ్ఱ కోట గోడకు నెత్తి బాదుకున్నా ఒకే ఫలం.

Then what should be done? तब क्या करना ? అప్పుడేం చేయాలి  ?

Mr. Sitaram Yechury has given one interview to the Hindu Daily, on the context of the 21st Congress of his Party .  Below is the link.

About 25 persons commented, in response to the interview.   Most of them support BJP and oppose CPIM.  Some of these comments contain valid questions.  Here is a link to the interview & its comments.  Those of my readers who wish to study them can study them.

I wish Mr. Yechury to study those comments and reply them at the Hindu, which is a top news paper in India.  He can also place his replies at his party's website

I shall try to cover some of the questions and answers given by Mr. Yechury in my forthcoming blog posts.

To continue.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#020 Condole passing away of Chavez- but cannot accept him as a leftist

--Hugo-Chavez-President-of-Venezuela: passed away on 6th March 2013. Cancer. Chemotherapy could not help. He died at 58, a fairly early age for politicians to bid-farewell. My heartfelt-condolences.

Leaders of leftist parties all over the world, will condone profusely. Leftists considered him leftist, whereas he was a dictator. Among dictators, he may be a benevolent dictators. Probably, less vindictive against his critics.

What then endeared Late Chavez to the leftists? May be his antagonism towards United States. His clinging on to Cuba. His stubborn-ness in protecting his country`s oil reserves from the Euro-American MNC monsters.

Failure of Chinese and East-European Communisms (proof: rising number of billionaires in China and Russia), should draw our attention to the imperative that people must become more knowledgeable, when new generations are added to the population. Those who are bent upon to induct Communism by violent means forget that Communist societies and economies cannot live long , because one-or-the-other of the succeeding rulers will declare himself as Life-Time President, remove term-restrictions on President-ships and become despots and tyrants. Hence, people have to be continuously on watch, if the changes brought out by Communism-Marxism-socialism have to survive, without being substituted by old habits of Capitalism and Market Economies.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#015 Who need these Jaguar-XJ-Ultimates?

Who-need-these-Jaguar-XJ-Ultimates? :

A TATA-subsidiary launched this car, priced at Rs. 18.8 million. Which Indians can buy these cars? An average Indian cannot make more than a million, toiling his entire-life. But, there must have been some good demand from the super-rich. Otherwise why should the car-maker release? Most Indian roads are narrow and there is no place for more and more cars, both the limousines and the small cars. For satisfying the speed-thirst and the space-thirst of the super-rich, the Government of India is relentlessly launching Express-Highways, converting the agricultural lands of the small and marginal farmers into roads.

Monday, February 25, 2013

#014 What-did-the-Communists-achieve-with-the-two-days-strike-of-Feb-2013? :

--What-did-the-Communists-achieve-with-the-two-days-strike-of-Feb-2013? :

Ans: Nothing!  Strikers inconvenienced people.  They created obstructions for movement of sick people to hospitals.  700 buildings were destroyed in NOIDA, whoever was responsible for the destruction.  It was a joint-venture in which Leftists too participated.  Loss of production is loss, not only to Capitalists, but also a national loss.  Leftists would have been more successful, had they launched the strike for one hour on each day, if the idea was to draw the attention of the people to the misdeeds of the rulers.  Voluntariness of response is very important in assessing people`s views.  Every party-worker and participant in band needs training in expressing his resentment effectively while maintaining low profiles.  Left parties have to change a lot.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

#019 Should be glad that at least one High Court Judge highlighted the need for democratic socialism

One pleasant surprise. Many High Court judges in India dish out platitudes. Justice Chandrakumar of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Hyderbad, seems to be an exception. Answering questions, at an IIDWA sponsored Meet on Women, Justice Chandrakumar, not only spoke about women, but also about the imperative for evolution of democratic socialism in India. Date 24th Jan. 2013. Venue: Hyderabad. Approximate translation of what he said, as per Eenadu Telugu Daily dated 25th Jan. 2013:
" .. Whether it is Anna Hazare or Kejriwal, decisions taken in haste will not show solutions to problems. Anna has no scientific solutions for problems. He does not know why prices rise. He does not know how corruption can go. As long as wealth is concentrated in few people, and as long as one person holds hundreds of thousands crores (of Rupees), problems do not get solved even if Lok Pal Bill materialises. In these circumstances, those who can bring in socialism should come. Leftist democracy alone is the alternative for this country. .."
Note: If there are any errors of translation, I own them. For those who want to see the exact wording used by Justice Chandrakumar, they will please see the Eenadu newspaper, page 16, dated 25th January 2013.

ybrems The above message did not, unfortunately, get adequate T.V. coverage, Press coverage. Why? Probably because: He did not speak something about x or y or z religion. Then, there would have been violent demonstrations, not only all over Hyderabad, but also all over India. His house would have been ransacked by mobs. Strange are the ways of parties, groups and mobs. Shar Rukh Khans, Salman Khans, Katrina Kaifs, and Aiswarya Roys, Dhonis and Tendulkars, get greater coverage in this country, than persons with great goals and anxieties for this country.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Hujin Tao is war-mongering?

China's navy should speed up its development and prepare for warfare.

Why the Chinese supremo has turned so war-mongering?

With whom does he want to wage a war?

He is already hand-in-glove with the Capitalist mafia led by the United States. China has become more a Capitalist, than the Yankee. He does not want to go back to the Maoist days, as if Mao himself adhered to Communism or the Marxism , till his end.

One gets an impression that China wants to succeed the United States as the self-appointed Policeman of the World.

do the Communist Parties need dedicated TV channels?

The Communist Parties in Andhra Pradesh State, of India seem to be in a hurry to start a TV channel of their own.

When the Chief Minister Mr. Y.V. Rajasekhar Reddy was alive, Congress Party started its own TV channel and news paper 'Sakshi'. After the tragic death of Mr. Reddy, his son Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy became the de-facto owner of 'sAkshi'. Day in and Day out, the channel is churning out the panegynics of Mr. Jagan and the YSR Congress Party, he started.

TV channels such as ABN Andhra Jyothi, N7, N Studio, E TV have created an impression of being the mouth pieces of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP Party.

TRS too has its own channel.

Communist and BJP leaders in Andhra Pradesh seem to nurse a feeling that their utterances are not being reported adequately and properly both in print media and the electronic media.

The Communists have their own dedicated newspapers, read by the committed party members. Not satisfied with this, they now want TV channels.

Starting a TV channel is not as easy as munching chicken kababs. It requires substantial investments, which the supposed-to-be poorman's parties - the CPI and CPIM cannot mobilise. However, they have the notoriety of collecting funds from liquor contractors, for conducting party meetings. The parties may again approach the same liquor contractors.

Do the poor-man's parties really need TV channels?

Monday, July 9, 2012

We should be happy that manmohan is an underachiever

Time Magazine, published from United States, declared India's Prime Minister as an underachiever.

--This is a pressure tactic. The pressure is from the European and American Business Establishments.

--Indian bureaucrats and politicians tend to be scared and intimidated of the criticism in Western Press. We should now be afraid that manmOhan will start making his fresh efforts for initiating the second round of economic reforms. He may be trying to impress upon the Congress President Ms. Sonia Gandhi to see that she sufficiently motivate the UPA-2 partners and supporting parties to co-operate.

--The fact remains that manmOhan has not underperformed in initiating economic reforms. He over-performed. Proof: The excess development of the service sector, massive frauds and corruption, suicides of farmers and rural artisans, sickness of small scale and cottage industries, rampant alcoholism and pub culture, degradation of social values and what not.

--We should be delighted, if manmOhan has under-performed.

--Obama, Hillary Clinton and the American Ambassador in India, will start telephoning the P.M.

Friday, July 6, 2012

SFI Students Federation of India leaders disagree with CPM

SFI leaders in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have resigned their memberships in protest against the decision of CPI (M) leadership to support Pranab Mukherjee in the coming presidential election.

This dissent reflects the faulty decision made by the Central Leadership of the Communist Party of India Marxist.

But supporting Mr. P.N. Sangma would also not have been right, as he too had a bourgeoise Congress mind set-up.

The right thing for CPIM would have been to contest in the election with its own cadidate even if heshe loses. It would have given an opportunity for the party to canvass the principles of Marxism both among the electorate for the Presidential election, as well as among the general public.

What has now happened?

CPIM has become a handtool for the Congress. CPIM will, of course, expel dissenters, instead of introspecting into itself.

Monday, June 25, 2012

#013 CPM lacks inner party democracy

Here is this example to show that CPM lacks inner-party democracy.

The Polit Bureau of the CPIM (Communist Party of India, Marxist) decided to support the candidature of the India's Finance Minister Mr. PraNab Mukherjee, for the post of the President of India.

CPI(M) has a strong presence in the State of Bengal. It ruled Bengal for nearly 40 years with an iron fist. It might have wanted to use the 'bengali' card to recapture its lost base in Bengal.

However, before taking the decision, whom did the Polit Bureau consult?

There is no transparency.

If there were, an inner party democracy in CPM, it should have consulted the electorate i.e. the Members of Legislative Assembly (M.L.As), the Members of Parliament (M.Ps) of the party who have to exercise their franchise in a secret ballot.

A month is still to go for the polling day of the President's election.

CPM could have organised a mock ballot among the party MLAs and MPs to elicit their choice. It could have invited nominations from its own members, to find out if anybody was willing to contest as a candidate. It could have tested their popularity by the votes polled in the mock ballot. Nothing of the sort was done.

The Polit Bureau silently decided to support a candidate of a bourgeois party. The candidate was Union Finance Minister for a long time. His Management of the Finance Portfolio of the country was throughout the period was never at least neutral to the Marxist philosophy.

CPM is supporting somebody, whom they should have opposed tooth and nail.

No wonder, Mr. Prasenjit, who was the convenor of the Party's Research Unit in Bengal opposed it and submitted his recognition.

CPM should have re-examined its decision, in the light of the dissent of Mr. Prasenjit.

Instead, it simply expelled him from the party.

What is the use of expelling a person from the party, who has submitted his resignation? The party should have at least done some 'Audi alterim Partem'. It should have at least given him an opportunity to present his views.

CPM will be left with a zero membership, if it goes on expelling people who express their dissent. Expulsions should take place only when a person acts in a manner deterimental to the basic philosophy of the party i.e. Marxism or Communism of the model propounded by Karl Marx or Lenin. What did Mr. Prasenjit do which goes against Communism or Marxism or the Working Class?

Quoting Article VIII(2) of CPM's Constitution really serves no such purpose.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why should Communist countries be continously ruled by dictators?

Communist countries seem to have a fetish for continuous rule by dictators.

Fidel Castro, of Cuba, is one such example.

People should, normally be fed up with a President or a Prime Minister or a dictator within 10 years, maximum.

People, will definitely elect a different ruler, if free and fair elections take place. Even in dictatorship of proletariat (Workers' rule), there is scope for competition to be rulers. Why this is not happening at all in Cuba?

China too seems to have a similar problem. Leaders change very rarely, there also.

Why should people patiently wait till leaders become too old and get forcibly shifted to their tombs?

Some of my acquaintances and friends tell me that Cuba had, and is having the best possible rule, which is not available in Capitalist countries. But this ideal administration can happen even if there is change of leadership (not hereditary).

North Korea is another country where leadership took place only after the death of its dictator and the change was only hereditary.

What is happening in North Korea and Cuba, nobody knows.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Simla's Mayor and Dy. Mayor might have had their personal prestige

May 28, 2012;

Shimla civic poll results (25 seats): BJP: 12; Congress: 10; CPM: 3. Mayor and deputy-mayor belong to CPM

BJP 12 and Congress 10 clearly indicate that they are the leading and principal parties in Shimla.

Simla had a direct election to the posts of Mayor and Dy. Mayor.

The Mayor and Dy. Mayor candidates might have had their personal charisma and prestige, which helped them to win direct elections.

Candidates are the heads. CPM party is the tail. Not vice versa.

CPIM should not, therefore, take undue pleasure from their victories.

Instead, Mr. prakAsh karAt and Mr. SitAram Yechury should go to the Constituencies in Andhra Pradesh, where by-elections are taking place and CPIM is contesting.

Field work is more important than politicking and tinkering with the names of the candidates for the President of India.

Monday, May 7, 2012


The two Communist Parties in India i.e. the CPI (Marxist)-popular as CPM and the CPI have very few seats in Indian Parliament.

The left front lost its strength in the West Bengal Assembly.

Consequently, both the parties cannot play any decisive role in the election of the President of India 2012.

Yet, Mr. Prakash Karat, the General Secretary of CPM, Mr. Sitaram Yechuri, Mr. A.B. Bardhan, the former General Secretary of CPI, are hanging around Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, the recent conquerer of Uttar Pradesh.

A party which has lost its strength in people, should do what? Go to the people and find out from them why they are considering the left parties as NOT VOTE-WORTHY.

As long as the left-leaders find Delhi a comfortable place to live in at the cost of grass-root workers in States, the future for left-movement in India will be dark.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mr. Vijaya Babu and TV9 deserve congratulations

TV9 Telugu news channel had broadcast an interview with Mr. Narayana, the General Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Unit of the CPI (Communist Party of India).

The anchor, and the panel participant Mr. Vijaya Babu had asked Mr. Narayana, incisive questions, which he was unable to answer. We have a proverb in my mother tongue Telugu language "nILLu namalaTam = chewing water (approx. translation). Mr. Narayana was just doing that.

The issue was: How Communists could support a sub-Regional Party like TRS in Telangana, leaving CPM which is a leftist party? Mr. Vijaya Babu has clearly mentioned 'tOkAs' (tails) of the bourgeois parties.

Mr. Vijaya Babu has clearly suggested that Communists must approach people and not parties.

Mr. NarAyana will not, of course, listen. What else we can expect from parties which collect donations from liquor syndicates?

Mr. Vijaya Babu and TV9 deserve great appreciation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bardhan-- why do you fall at the feet of Chandra Babu?

News reports are that Mr. Bardhan, the General Secretary of the CPI (Communist Party of India) met Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, the Telugu Desam Party President and discussed with him the formation of a third front.

Mr. Bardhan has forgotten the past alliance of Mr. Babu with the BJP which was communalistic in the eyes of CPI leaders. That means he ditched the United Front once.

Mr. Babu's growth from a four acre farmer to an owner of thousands of acres of land is yet to be investigated.

Now, Mr. Bardhan is falling at the feet of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu forgetting their past experience with him.

Mr. Bardhan can, instead,fall at the feet of the daily laborers and workers for their support.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who will sympathise with the leftist parties?

All the three Communist Parties in Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh, have as per the news reports accepted, having received funds from liquor syndicates. The District Head of CPM accepted, that they collected Rs. 300,000 towards party fund and issued receipt. The funds were apparently used for conducting State Level Conference of the Party.

The Communist Parties claim that they fight liquor contractors and demand that belt shops be closed. Behind the screens, they are collecting funds from the same liquor syndicates.

There is no doubt that parties cannot be run without funds. But, what is the use of running parties, by collecting funds through dubious means, particularly from those, whom the Communist Parties declare as bourgeois?

Begging in the streets, with bowls in hands, would have been better than accepting donations from liquor syndicates.

Is it not high time that the CPI and CPM as an alternative, change their names, in such a way that the new names reflect their true modus operandi?

Suggested new name: CPM = Communist Party Madyavadi.
CPI = Communist Party Inebriate.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where is Communism in China?

Mr. Sitaram Yechury, a Polit Bureau Member of C.P.I.(M) visited China recently.

What for? Definitely -not spiritual guidance. What is there to learn from China?

Here is an ANI news report which indicates that Zhang Shangwu , its retired gymnast champion was begging by performing his skills. The City's patrolling police were said to have driven him out of the commercial street area, on the ground of 'unauthorised begging'.

My Views
These things happen in India. But, Police do not drive out the begging sports persons. The Public also do not bother. Reason: The sport-persons of pampered sports like Cricket, Tennis, Foot Ball etc. can make hay while the sun shines. Shooters Rathod, Vijayakumar, Gagan Narang et al have their secure jobs in the Defence Services and they need not beg. Then who should beg? Sports Persons of Cinderella sports may have to beg.

The question that arises is: Communist countries and Governments cannot behave like the Governments in Capitalist Countries. Why? A horse cannot behave like a donkey. The Communist Governments have a duty to meet all the genuine basic needs of all their citizens, with NO EXCEPTIONs. It is also the duty of the Government of China, to provide suitable work to the sports person, if it is not possible to use a person's sports skills directly in occupations such as sports-coaching.

In pure laissez-faire, the Government can allow its citizens to beg. We have a proverb in my mother tongue Telugu: 'amma peTTA peTTadu , aDukku tinA nivvadu'. The approximate translation of this proverb works out like: 'This mother does not feed (give food). Nor does she allow me to beg.' The new Guru of China is America and not Marx. We know that, in United States, poor and homeless sleep under Bridges and Fly-Overs. They can probably sleep before closed shutters of shops on holidays even in commercial streets. China should, therefore, allow its sports persons to literally beg.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dictatorship of Proletariat or Democracy of Proletariat?

Photo of Karl Marx. Kind Courtesy Government of United States.
Question: Does Marxism really lead to dictatorship?

Ans: There is a misconception that Marxism compulsorily involves dictatorship. It does not.

This erroneous belief has arisen from the experiences citizens of the defunct Soviet Union, the East European Countries, and the China had with one party rule.

Karl Marx, if he had envisaged one party rule with a dictator at the top, with the elections involving 'take it'(Not take it or leave it!!!), then Marx needs correction.

Whatever was in the minds of Marx, Angels and Lenin, about the 'Dictatorship of Proletariat (Working Class), the Marxist Socialism of the 21st Century needs a clarificatory modification:

We can propose the modification as under: "We can have any number of parties which can have their origin from the proletariat. We need not find anything wrong in workers founding any number of parties for participating in election. The Government can be run by such parties formed by the Workers and their Unions. They can contest for representation in the State Assemblies and the Parliament. There should be no question of the Ruling Communist Party proposing a candidate who should be elected by the electorate. We can allow any number of candidates and parties to contest, as long as they are not barons or tycoons.

In true Marxist Socialism, every citizen will have to be a worker and belong to the proletariat, unless they are too young or too old to work; unless they suffer from diseases and disabilities. The Society has a duty to support children, diseased persons and too-old persons.

It may be necessary to deny voting rights to persons who are too young/old/diseased to exercise their mind in a rational manner, because their faculties are not developed or the faculties ceased to work. This incapacitation, a Medical Board with experts has to decide.

Hence, the 'Dictatorship of Proletariat' is a part of 'democratic tenets'. If the Communist regimes of the past and present (China) misused/are misusing them, it is because peoples' will has become weak and they lost their ability to protest.


By ybrao a donkey.

Question: What Mr. Sitaram Yechuri is doing in Beijing?

Answer: People going to a fish-market go there, probably to buy fish. They do not go there to smell the aroma of fish. Mr. Sitaram, the Polit Bureau Member of the CPI-M (Communist Party of India, Marxist), presumably went there to buy Communism. China drifted away from Communism or Marxism or Socialism long back. It has little to teach the poor Indians, in the form of theory or practice of Communism-Marxism-Socialism.

Question: Comment on Chinese leaders telling Mr. Sitaram that China would not have any objection to India becoming the permanent member of the Security Council.

Answer: China should communicate such 'no-objections' through their Ambassadors to the Government of India. What for are the Embassies and Ambassadors? Is Mr. Sitaram an Official Emissary of China to India? Is he a trojan horse of China, planted in India? He must have been treated like any other Indian tourist.

Question: Has the favourable indication of China for the Indian permanent membership of Security Council, to do with the quid pro quo it expects with regard to Dalai Lama?

Answer: Obviously. China may be expecting three rewards from India in return for the support. 1. Control the activities of Dalai Lama or extradite him to China. 2. Protect the Chinese exports to India. 3. Surrender Arunachal Pradesh to China. India must be wary of Chinese overtures.

Friday, October 31, 2008


I am glad that Karl Marx is back in the reckoning, in the wake of the global financial crisis. Here is a link to the Hindu.Com news item which informs about the revival of interest in Marx, in his birthland Germany.

The Hindu.Com news dated 22.10.2008 news

I shall analyse this revival shortly.

Saturday, January 5, 2008



"We have been working within the capitalist system and private capital has to be used while social welfare programmes by the state government would continue."

"Socialism is a far cry. Socialism is our political agenda and it was mentioned in our party document, but capitalism will continue to be the compulsion for the future."


"If we have learned from the failure of the Soviet Union, we have also learned from the miracle of China."

Pizza Hut.

"... Capitalist production, therefore, develops technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth - the soil and the labourer. ..."

Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it

Marx must be turning in his grave.

Communist Party Marxist (CPM) is the label of the party to which Jyoti Basu and Buddha Deb belong. Millions of people joined the CPM, believing that it will follow the basic principles of Communism or Marxism. If Jyoti Basu and Buddha Deb have convinctions of ethics and morality, they should start a new party titled 'Capitalist Party Jyoti-Buddha'. They cannot deceive the millions of CPM members. Jyoti Basu and Buddha may be doing the right thing according to their conscience, but then they have to sell their new theories with a brand-new brand name. They should also impress on the Communist Republic of China to remove the words 'Communist' or 'socialist' appearing in its formal name.

Friday, November 16, 2007


According to a count by Forbes, China has the largest number of billionaries:- 415.

*Hey! What a Great Communist country! The remaining 1.3 billion people must be trillionaires!
*Jyothi Basu and Buddhadeb call this 'the miracle of China'.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Newspapers are agog with reports that Karl Marx suffered from self-loathing and alienation caused by a skin disease called "Hydradentis suppurativa - a disease of apocrine sweat glands found in armpits and groins" (boils and carbuncles, blackheads, lumps etc. leaking pus ). -- as per Dr. Sam Shushter in the British Journal of Dermatology. It is said that its intensity affected his work and that it is reflected by his alienation in his writings. Some letters have also been quoted. Here is the link, if you wish to see a full story: